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Consulting services in the
4.0 industry

Improve the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of your business. 

Datazium meets new market requirements. We offer our clients support in the digitalization of processes specific to each business function, while ensuring the integration of horizontal and vertical systems.

Reduce repetitive and low-value tasks with digital solutions that enable task automation. This ensures time savings and a good focus on high value-added tasks.​

The 4.0 Industry refers to the integration of advanced technologies into traditional industrial and production practices to improve efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. This one  is supposed to bring many benefits to multiple sectors including manufacturing, transport, logistics, health, etc. Here are some of the potential benefits of the 4.0 Industry :

Increased Efficiency and Productivity 
Improved supply chain management
Customization and mass production
Improved quality and accuracy

Obviously, there is no "best" methodology to implement 4.0 technologies, since a specific approach to each organization must be defined, according to its objectives, its resources and its capacity. 

On the other hand, general steps can be followed in order to achieve a successful implementation, here is the general methodology that we recommend

1. Assessment of the current situation or Audit 4.0
2. Development of a roadmap
3. Identification and prioritization of projects
4. Implementation
5. Monitor and evaluate

Interested ? Schedule an assessment call for your application.

Modern Architecture
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